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Little Divizion

Fuzion's Little Divizion is the right divizion for the enthusiastic young one that just has to dance.
These classes are for children starting at age 3 and ending at age 8.

Little Divizion classes are broken up into three groups:

  • TwinkleToes - 3yrs. - 4yrs.
  • KinderDance - 5yrs. - 6yrs.
  • HappyFeet - 7yrs. - 8yrs.

Little Divizion Classes:

  • TwinkleToes Ballet - (Ballet based movements class)
  • KinderDance Ballet
  • HappyFeet Ballet
  • HappyFeet Irish
  • HappyFeet Little Hoppers (Hip-Hop)

Junior Divizion

Fuzion's Junior Divizion boasts a diversity of classes for children ages 9 - 13.

Junior Divizion classes are broken up into two groups:

  • Jr. Divizion I - 9yrs. - 10yrs.
  • Jr. Divizion II - 11yrs. - 13yrs.

Junior Divizion Classes:

  • Divizion I Ballet
  • Divizion I Hip-Hop
  • Divizion I Modern
  • Divizion II Ballet
  • Divizion II Irish
  • Divizion II Pointe

Senior Divizion

Fuzion's Senior Divizion classes are for dancers 14 years and older.
Whether you are an exprienced dancer, a new, young, blossoming dancer,
or a young at heart dancer, you can be sure you will find just the right
class that fits your desires.

Senior Divizion classes are broken up into two levels depending on the student's skill:

  • Sr. Divizion Level I
  • Sr. Divizion Level II

Senior Divizion Classes:

  • Level I Ballet
  • Level I Modern
  • Level I Pointe
  • Level II Ballet
  • Level II Pointe
  • Hip-Hop
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